What does the new MPI policy mean for car seat replacement?

What does the new MPI policy mean for car seat replacement?

If you’re a parent in Manitoba then no doubt you’ve heard about the changes to the insurance coverage regarding car seats.

I thought I’d highlight this article on CBC news that talks with a Manitoba mom and MPI – the Manitoba Public Insurance.

As it turns out on May 1, 2015 new policy came into affect where MPI would not be covering the cost to replace car seats after an accident. Rather, they will be doing it on a case by case basis depending on the severity of the accident.

Now, being a mom myself I understand the importance of a secure car seat. I also know how expensive these things can cost on top of all the expenses I had when I first had children. I understand that replacing car seats can be expensive for the insurance companies, but can’t they factor that in to their rates?

Now apparently there have been “Recent studies demonstrate that child safety seats can withstand minor crash impacts without any documented degradation in subsequent performance.” I haven’t been able to find them but I suspect this was based on these studies and other recommendations.

My stance is pretty neutral right now until I find out some more information. My primary concern is the health and safety of our children. Although there is no law to replace a car seat if it’s been in a minor accident, this has always been the recommendation from the manufacturers and health and safety bodies.

If the car seat still meet some sort of top performance standard then perhaps it can be used. But I know in the back of my mind I would always be wondering. Will this just leave a lot of parents with a large car seat replacement bill? Who knows. We’ll see as it unfolds.

What’s your opinion on the matter? Leave your comments below.

Taryn Manning